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Callus Softening gel

Gel has a softening effect on rough parts of the feet, moisturizes and accelerates skin regeneration.

Apply a thick layer on rough wet skin of the feet, wrap in film and leave for 10-15 minutes.

After that time rinse with water. With better effect use with Luxnails pedicure files 80/180/240grit and Luxnailsfoot sugar scrub, Foot cream with Urea or Neem oil.

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5,80 €

Cleanser is formulated to remove the sticky residue that remains after the Top Coat curing process.


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8,80 €

Pehmendab efektiivselt küüne ümber olevat nahka, võimaldades selle õrnalt eemaldada.

Koostises sisalduv taimeõli toidab nahka ja küüneplaati.

Kanna väike kogus küünenahkadele 2 minutiks. Seejärel kasuta küünenaha eemale lükkajat või puidust pulka, et küünenahad eemale lükata. Pese toode veega maha.


Ainult professionaalseks kasutamiseks.

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4,60 €

Acid-free primer is to be used on prepared natural nails.

Removes natural nail oils, improving the adherence of the following coats.

The last step in preparation of nails before base coat application.

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4,70 €


Dehydrator removes excess oil and moisture from the nail surface.

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Alcohol based hand sanitizer

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10,90 €

Alkohoolibaasiline käte ja naha antiseptik

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