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Cleanser is formulated to remove the sticky residue that remains after the Top Coat curing process.


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Dehydrator - Removes excess oil and dust from the nail plate, thereby improving the nail's adhesion.

Use as a first coat before Primer or Bonder.
Drying time 30 sec. Can be used as often as necessary at different stages of nail care. Spray onto a clean nail-cleaning pad and clean the nail. The product helps to ensure long-lasting manicures, pedicures and artificial nails.

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Acid-free primer is to be used on prepared natural nails FOR STRONG ADHESION.
The primer is a "double sided tape" layer between the natural nail plate.

Use this primer for gel/acrylgel/gelposih systems to set the foundation for great nails.

  • Use only to cover the natural nail surface
  • Remains slightly sticky
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Alcohol-containing skin ANTISEPTIC.
Rapid action and long-lasting remanence.

Broad spectrum: bactericidal (including MRSA), fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal (including HBV, HIV, poliovirus). To be used prior to manicure/pedicure procedures. For external use only.

Areas of application
Product is used as skin antisepsis prior to injections, punctures and surgical
procedures in hospitals, primary healthcare, in- and outpatient geriatric care, and for
home dialysis. It is also effective for disinfection in hairdressing and cosmetic salons.
NEOSTERYL – is ready-to-use colourless liquid with alcohol-like smell
Active ingredients

Ethanol – 65,0%, Propan-2-ol – 4,7%, Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzylC12-16-alkyldimethyl, chlorides – 0,2%.

Labeling according Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 [CLP]

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Description: Effectively softens the skin around the nail, allowing it to be gently removed.
The vegetable oil in the formula nourishes the skin and the nail plate.

How to use: Apply a small amount to cuticles for 2 minutes. Then use a cuticle pusher or wooden stick to push the cuticles away. Wash off with water.

For professional use only.

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Description: gel has a softening effect on rough parts of the feet, moisturizes and accelerates skin regeneration.

How to use: apply a thick layer on rough wet skin of the feet, wrap in film and leave for 10-15 minutes. After that time rinse with water. With better effect use with Luxnails pedicure files 80/180/240grit and Luxnailsfoot sugar scrub, Foot cream with Urea or Neem oil.

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